My Mum

I got a phone call last Thursday night, from my Mum, asking if I was going to be around in the weekend – yes. She’d been in New Zealand for 2 weeks and was heading home to Perth, but thought a stop over in Brisbane to see the kids would be a good idea. We have not seen my Mum for 2  1/2 years, so it was lovely to hear she was coming to see us.

Cait and I picked her up on Friday night, it was so nice to see her! She said she was only staying for 2 days, but had not arranged for a flight home. I have just dropped her off at the airport this morning (Wednesday). 

It was my was my birthday on Sunday. On Saturday I had to go grocery shopping, so Mum and Cait went ‘birthday’ shopping while Hami and I went thru and did a normal grocery shop. On Sunday after lunch, Mum said “Right, time to party!” So she got busy and started getting the party food ready – so amongst cleaning and more cleaning we had a birthday party – it was really lovely!

We are in the process of getting our home ready to sell. So as I was washing curtains, she would hang them out and when Id finished ironing them, she would hang them for me. I washed my kitchen shelves yesterday and she did my windows – which has been a big job that I have been meaning to get to, but just never have (since buying the house 4  1/2 years ago).  She joked with me that she’d wished she’d stuck to her word – just stayed 2 days! LOL!

So here is a pic of me and my Mum, she doesnt like her picture taken, so this is a bit special. I look forward to scrapping it soon! Emily was around last Friday, and we scrapt for a few hours – so I have done some work – will share later.

Thanks for stopping by! Lisa 🙂


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