Family and Friends albums

As I was packing my craft room during the week, I thought to myself, I am going to make my bf a little album, as she is devastated that we are leaving. So I trundled off to Kmart to develop some photos, over the 24hrs, while waiting for them to be developed, I thought Im going to do my Mum one too, (as she recently celebrated her birthday and I didnt have time to make her something nice, so I went and made a book of photos for her at Kmart and I felt really stink sending it to her, as I was really disappointed with the quality!) So off again I go to Kmart and thought I will just get instant photos so I dont have to wait, so I got my Mums photos done immediately and still had to wait 6 hours for my friend Kerry’s photos.

Ive been hard at work for the last day getting my Mum’s album done – as dear darling hubby wants my craft stuff gone! He doesnt care what I do with it, he just doesnt want to see it anymore! 😦

So here are some photos from my Mum’s album. I will come back and show you in another post my friend Kerry’s.


2 thoughts on “Family and Friends albums

    • Thanks Sal. Its not really her thing, more my Mother in law’s – but I just dont have the time to make her one. Plus everything is packed away anyway.
      Praying for you my friend!
      Love Lisa 🙂

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