Homeless but happy!

Tonight we are staying with Irish friends in Victoria Point, having a few drinks and some laughs. It is awesome!

My bestie welcomed me home today, when I had a cuppa tea with her! I found it funny, as we sold our house on Friday, had 3 nights at a unit in Maroochydore – which was lovely! It rained the whole time which was unfortunate, but the whole East Coast of Australia is having a massive storm system at the moment – with lots of flooding – there has been 500 million dollars worth of damage to crops  in one day! Its just heartbreaking for the farmers! And it will be horrible in a few months for consumers with MAJOR price increases!

It is nice to be in our  area! But I had to tell Kerry that we are homeless now. We pick up our Camper Trailer tomorrow! She is going to look after my youngest for me, as we are going to spend loads of time in the truck tomorrow!

I thought I would share with you what we are buying tomorrow! Its been 5 weeks in the making and we are looking forward to seeing our new home. It is a Trackabout Off Road Camper.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Lisa 🙂  


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