Happy New Year from Wooli

Happy New Year from Wooli, NSW!

We had 3 days of rain and so far now 4 days of beautiful clear sunny skies with a comfortable heat! It has been lovely after 7 days  of rain (in Yamba and Wooli) The washing was piling up! I have now completed 6 loads of washing, which is all nicely folded now! 🙂

I thought I would pop in and share some more photos with you, some are from Yamba. .

Gavin and Hamish with our tinny

Caitlin and I having a sand fight

We saw 3 different pods of Dolphins playing out in Yamba Bay one afternoon

There has not been one day that we have not all been out in the boat. Even on really wet days!

Caitlin just prior to getting a haircut.

Caitlin enjoying ‘Sand Art’ while at the Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort’s School Holiday Program.

Christmas lunch was very simple this year – 2Kgs of King Prawns! It was a rather extravagant meal, due to the cost!

The Blue Dolphin had free Go Carts for one hour, one day before leaving. Hamish was wrapt!

 On the 3rd night at Wooli, it was cool enough for the kids to get rugged up!

The picture of the 3 kids in the boat is a camping neighbour who the kids befriended, Logan

Miss Caitlin turns 7 today. 30.12.2010

Me with the birthday girl.

My gorgeous boy Hamish (9)

Hamish and Caitlin fishing

New Years Eve Sunset

GHC enjoying the kayaks 1.1.2011

We are here for another 3 days then head to South West Rocks, NSW.

Happy New Year to you! Blessings. Love Lisa 🙂


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