Some more photos

Hi there

Welcome to my little blog!

Im popping in once a week or so, to show you where we’ve been and some of what we’ve been doing. I hope you enjoy!

Boorkoom Camp Ground Beach, near Wooli. 2/1/2011


Going down to the Beach


Hamish popping Seaweed


Cait and I looking for treasure


Cait and I in the tinny. 3/1/11


Climbing the sand dunes, near Wooli. 3/1/11


Our site at Wooli, on the day of our departure. 4/1/11


Hamish at Smoky Cape Lighthouse. 5/1/11


Smoky Cape Lighthouse, the highest Lighthouse in NSW.


One of the stunning views from the Lighthouse


Me with the other gorgeous view at the other side of the Lighthouse. STUNNING!


Gavin had told Caitlin not to get wet, as we were going out for tea! This is Cait doing as she was told! LOL!South West Rocks 5/1/11


Gavin and Hamish at the Trail Bay Gaol. 6/1/11


Having a look around at the Gaol.


Enjoying the inlet near the boulders at South West Rocks. 7/1/11


Gavin, Hamish and Cait enjoying the warm water! We had a great arvo at the beach!


Thanks for stopping by! I will be back in a weeks time with more photos! We leave South West Rocks in 2 days, so we will hit the beach after lunch this arvo.

Take care!

Love Lisa 🙂


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