Hello from Hawks Nest

Hi there

We’ve been here for 3 days now, the weather has been very kind! Hot and dry! With a touch of wind for comfort!

Our plans were to leave tomorrow, but we will stay here for another 6 days! It is just gorgeous!

We are on the River front and swim all thru the day!

Here are the latest photos for your viewing pleasure! I hope you enjoy! Please leave me some comment love, to let me know you’ve visited my little blog.


Love Lisa 🙂

Hamish on the Monument Trail at South West Rocks. Well worth the 1 hour walk, for the beautiful views! 8/1/11


Trial Bay Gaol Ruins, Monument Trail.


Lisa, Gavin and Caitlin with one of the stunning views on the Trail walk.


Little Bay on the Trail walk.


Some of the locals on the trail.


Hamish actually hand feed this Wallibie!


Cait riding the waves at South West Rocks. 9/1/11.


Hamish enjoying Saltwater Creek. Our last full day at South West Rocks.

Gavin and I at the Riverside Tavern at South West Rocks, on our last night there. I would thoroughly reccommend going there for an awesome and well priced feed! Some friends have asked to see our set up, so this is it at The Ruins, Booti Booti National Park, near Forster, NSW.

Another view. Cait at Seven Mile Beach, the beach near our campsite at Booti Booti National Park. We had been warned not to swim at the beach as it was just too dangerous! So Cait the water baby just had to watch the waves and dream of surfing them! 🙂 There were heaps of other beaches nearby!

Gavin and Hamish at nearby Elizabeth Beach, where Cait was stung by Bluebottles and refused to go in the water for the rest of the day! Hamish who was enjoying the surf so much was stung 7 times, but kept going amongst the screams of agony. He was just having way too much fun to stop!

Miss Cait showing off her new togs and Master Hamish at Main Beach Forster, NSW. I could easily move to Forster! What a beautiful place!

I have some more photos, but my laptop battery is getting very low.
Please leave some comment love if you like, as this does take me about 3 hours to download photos, edit photos and put on my blog!
Thanks so much for taking the time to come visit!
Love Lisa 🙂

6 thoughts on “Hello from Hawks Nest

  1. Hi Lisa! Looks like you are all having a fabulous time! We had many happy family camping holidays at Myall Lakes when our kids were little- it’s pretty close to where you are at Hawks Nest. A great place except our daughter (now age 25) STILL can’t stand even looking at lizards of any size or kind because of an unfortunate close encounter with a goanna there (when she was about 7 !!Lol)Hope nothing like that happens to you!!

    • Hi Robyn
      How are you?
      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving some comment love! 🙂 As soon as we get to Sydney and have some power I look forward to visiting your gorgeous blog!
      There are not so many Goanna’s around at the mo, just 1! 🙂 My kids are totally fascinated by them! But I will always remember a shot I saw of one clawing up Steve Irwin’s arm, so I am always a little hesitant around them!
      Take care!
      Love Lisa 🙂

  2. Hello to the beautiful Martin Family, thanks for sharing your holiday with us. It looks amazing! The kids, you and Gav look like you are having a very special time, creating very precious family memories. Take care, happy, safe travels love Kel 😉

    • Hi Kelly
      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment for me! I appreciate it! I tried to send you an email, but it didnt go thru. Email problems on our part!
      I hope you get a beautiful class this year! I cant believe youve been gone for a year and will be back in a year!
      Take care!
      Love Lisa and Cait (who always talks about you!)

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