A quick trip to the Mountains.

Hi there

Thanks for popping by! I truly appreciate it! This blog takes a few hours to maintain a week, not that I mind! I love it! But my dear hubby thinks its a waste of time, so I would truly appreciate some comment love to combat the negative comments Gavin makes.

Here are my most recent pics. 2 are from our last day at Sydney, and the rest, well – you can see for yourself – they are the beautiful and stunning Blue Mountains! We were only up there for 2 days, but we tried to make the most of the rushed trip! Definitely a must see! I hope you enjoy!

* Hamish feeding some Rainbow Lorikeets. * The Three Sisters. * Some crazy absailers (sp?!) *Gavin and Hamish, Cait and I got split up, so as Cait and I were looking for the boys, this is a beautiful little waterfall that we found. * Katoomba falls. * Scenic railway. * The Three Sisters close up from Echo Point. *Cait having a bite to eat in this cool carved out rock/cave. * While driving around sightseeing the Blue Mountains we found a bike, the perfect size for Cait, so here it is! Cait is cleaning it. 🙂

Catch you next time! Take care!


12 thoughts on “A quick trip to the Mountains.

  1. Hi Lisa, so lovely to see all of the photos of your trip. I love following peoples travel blogs; great inspiration for my own travel plans!!
    Definately not a waste of time 😉

  2. Looks fabulous guys. I am laughing cos I imagine a camp trailor to be a motor home so was surprised to read the word tent and then disocvered it is actually tenting you are doing. You are legends, I would be too scared of snakes and spiders to sleep in a tent…….Happy Travels and it a great blog Lisa.

    • Hi Mary
      Thanks for visiting!
      I have had one big spider crawl on me in the 7 weeks, I didnt like it! So it is always in the back of my mind! Not too worried about snakes. Mozzies have been my main problem, but its all good! The further South we go, there are less!
      Thanks again!
      Love Lisa

    • Hi Rachel
      Thanks for leaving me some comment love! I appreciate it! 🙂
      Yes we are really having a great time! Loving it! It will be just me and the kids in a couple of weeks during the day, as Gavin goes back to work, for a few months to pay for the remainder of the trip.
      Love seeing your photos too!
      Love Lisa 🙂

  3. Hey Lisa
    You all look and sound like you’re having a WONDERFUL time! Was thinking about you last night – am missing my stamp buddy!!!!

    • Hi Jo
      How is your new year going?
      I hope Matty is enjoying the College!
      Everywhere I go I find scrapping shops, I mentioned to Gav this arvo, when we settle I cant wait to scrap all the photos, he reckons, been there done that! NOT! I will continue on 🙂
      I hope you are still stamping on your own! Nat may be interested if you contact her?
      Lots of love!

  4. Hi Lisa! Great to see photos of your trip- (though I know most of the places you have been so far) Keep doing your blog- I think it is important to keep in touch with your friends -otherwise you will feel very lost when the trip is over ! Besides ….we like hearing about it!

    • Hi Robyn
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I popped by yours last night, when I had 5 minutes to myself! 🙂
      Are you on facebook? I am under Travelling Australia if you are.
      It looks like we are travelling to Melbourne for 3-4 months work. Would love to catch up with you over that time, if possible?

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