Hi ya

How are you going?

I hope that you are having a good week!

For those that are visiting my blog from Christchurch and surrounding areas, please know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers! Much like many I am sure!

Thanks for taking the time to come and visit!

We have had some very comfortable days in Melbourne, heat wise! Its been nice not to be cold! We have been busy setting up our rental house the last few days. It is nice to be here! 

My husband Gavin starts his new job on Monday, which will be nice to get some income! 🙂

Here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure, they are the latest ones from our recent time in Queenscliff. I hope you enjoy! Thanks again for stopping by.

Much love!


An update


We are in our rental house! We got the keys late yesterday. I think its a bit of an overkill, considering we are used to a 2 room tent! LOL! But I am sure we will get used to it! We have signed a lease for 6 months, as that is what Gavin’s new work contract states, he must work for a minimum of 6 months with his new company.

To be really honest I didnt want to be here for 6 months, but I am warming to the idea. It will be nice to be settled for a while, but I am sure that after the 6 months I will be ready to get going again!

Here are some photos for you. I hope you enjoy! * Hamish with his favourite beach house at Brighton Beach. * Our tent site at Ashley Gardens, Braybrook, Melbourne. * Cait and Hami in the spa at Big 4 Beacon Resort at Queenscliff. *Gavin enjoying some fish and chips. * The ferries that cross between Queenscliff and Sorrento. * The 360 degree tower.

I’ll be back in a few more days with more photos.

Thanks for stopping by! If you could please say a prayer or two regarding the people involved in the Christchurch earthquake.

Lisa 🙂

Photos for you

Finally some photos for you! I hope you enjoy.

* Gavin went fishing 2 mornings at Lakes Entrance and although it was bitterly cold, he was rewarded with 5 Australian Sea Salmon, man were they good eating! * Caitlin with friends Nina and Annabelle (who have just finished their trip around Australia) at the central playground at Eastern Beach Holiday Park in Lakes Entrance, * Melbourne City from Brighton Baths Sea Wall, * Starfish spotting, * We went to the area to specifically see the Brighton Beach beach houses, * Gavin at his favourite beach hut No. 37, * Me at mine No. 74,  Cait had 2 favourites The Waves and The Sea Gulls, * Hamish’s was the Boxing Kangaroo (this post wont allow me to show picture), * The beach was closed due to poor water quality, (my thought was due to raw sewerage, thanks to the recent floods?) 

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have an excellent week! Until next time, take care!

Lisa 🙂

Hello Melbourne!

Well its been a busy 10 days!

We were at Ashley Gardens Big 4 in Braybrook, it was a very convenient park with awesome staff! We got to know the staff quite well 2 days ago! We were robbed! In daylight! Gavin’s wallet with all his ID in, and $90 cash, passport and NavMan was stolen! Normally I leave my handbag in the truck also, I didnt, thankfully!

The visa’s had $3000 drawn on them within 10 minutes! Gavin dealt with the visa companies and I dealt with the Police!

Funnily enough after 5 days there, Gavin had had enough of being there, it wasnt very family friendly and didnt have a good ‘feel’. I was happy as we had a bathroom on one side and the kitchen on the other with a nice patch of grass that the kids liked to play ball on, with a mall right next door too! MENTAL NOTE TO SELF – I must listen to my husband’s gut instincts in future!

Gavin spent the whole day yesterday in Brisbane, he flew down to get some tools from our container. He left at 1am and come back at 10.30pm – so it was a huge day for him, one filled with much fraustration, as he had no ID!

We are now staying at Big 4 Beacon Resort in Queenscliff, with a heated indoor pool and spa, a childrens program 6 days a week, big screen indoor movies etc. They even have local wines and beers for sale at Reception! How good is that! As I write this the kids are at the games room.

We are here for 4 days – which will be nice! No planes going overhead every 2 minutes or any  road noise!

Thanks for stopping by! If you have a minute please leave me some comment love.

Take care!

Lisa 🙂

Hi from Melbourne

We have arrived in Melbourne for a few months. Gavin has had an interview today, but the job isnt right for our family, he has another interview in a few days, so until then we will be sightseeing, which will be fun! We have never been to Melbourne before, so everything is new!

It is very warm and humid here at the moment. So we might hit some beaches?

I will be back in a few days with some photos.

Thanks for popping by!

Take care

Lisa 🙂

Greetings from Lakes Entrance VIC

We had some super hot weather while we were staying at Batemans Bay NSW, 40 degree days! We spent alot of time at the beach and in the pool.

We are now at Lakes Entrance VIC where for 3 days, it didnt stop raining. Today is fine and sunny but still has a cold wind!  It was so cold yesterday that Gavin went out and bought a blow heater. The kids have enjoyed watching dvd after dvd and I have had the luxury of reading.  Gavin has braved the weather several times and gone out fishing – brave man! He caught 3 Australian Salmon this morning, they were most delicious!

The 3 top photos today are Batemans Bay and the bottom 3 are from Lakes Entrance. We head to Melbourne in 2 days, where Gavin has several interviews lined up for 3-4 months worth of work, so we can continue our journey.

I hope to pop back next week, thanks for stopping by. Take care. Lisa 🙂