Greetings from Lakes Entrance VIC

We had some super hot weather while we were staying at Batemans Bay NSW, 40 degree days! We spent alot of time at the beach and in the pool.

We are now at Lakes Entrance VIC where for 3 days, it didnt stop raining. Today is fine and sunny but still has a cold wind!  It was so cold yesterday that Gavin went out and bought a blow heater. The kids have enjoyed watching dvd after dvd and I have had the luxury of reading.  Gavin has braved the weather several times and gone out fishing – brave man! He caught 3 Australian Salmon this morning, they were most delicious!

The 3 top photos today are Batemans Bay and the bottom 3 are from Lakes Entrance. We head to Melbourne in 2 days, where Gavin has several interviews lined up for 3-4 months worth of work, so we can continue our journey.

I hope to pop back next week, thanks for stopping by. Take care. Lisa 🙂


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