Photos for you

Finally some photos for you! I hope you enjoy.

* Gavin went fishing 2 mornings at Lakes Entrance and although it was bitterly cold, he was rewarded with 5 Australian Sea Salmon, man were they good eating! * Caitlin with friends Nina and Annabelle (who have just finished their trip around Australia) at the central playground at Eastern Beach Holiday Park in Lakes Entrance, * Melbourne City from Brighton Baths Sea Wall, * Starfish spotting, * We went to the area to specifically see the Brighton Beach beach houses, * Gavin at his favourite beach hut No. 37, * Me at mine No. 74,  Cait had 2 favourites The Waves and The Sea Gulls, * Hamish’s was the Boxing Kangaroo (this post wont allow me to show picture), * The beach was closed due to poor water quality, (my thought was due to raw sewerage, thanks to the recent floods?) 

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have an excellent week! Until next time, take care!

Lisa 🙂


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