An update


We are in our rental house! We got the keys late yesterday. I think its a bit of an overkill, considering we are used to a 2 room tent! LOL! But I am sure we will get used to it! We have signed a lease for 6 months, as that is what Gavin’s new work contract states, he must work for a minimum of 6 months with his new company.

To be really honest I didnt want to be here for 6 months, but I am warming to the idea. It will be nice to be settled for a while, but I am sure that after the 6 months I will be ready to get going again!

Here are some photos for you. I hope you enjoy! * Hamish with his favourite beach house at Brighton Beach. * Our tent site at Ashley Gardens, Braybrook, Melbourne. * Cait and Hami in the spa at Big 4 Beacon Resort at Queenscliff. *Gavin enjoying some fish and chips. * The ferries that cross between Queenscliff and Sorrento. * The 360 degree tower.

I’ll be back in a few more days with more photos.

Thanks for stopping by! If you could please say a prayer or two regarding the people involved in the Christchurch earthquake.

Lisa 🙂


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