Fairy Park, Part 3


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This is the final post from Fairy Park. It is mostly of our time at “Camelot” the Playground part of Fairy Park. It is a pretty spectacular Theme Park! All of us loved it! As we were leaving Caitlin asked  “When are we coming back!”

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Fairy Park, Part 2


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We are in Melbourne for a stint of work, well that’s Gavin, not me 🙂

While we are here, we want to make the most of our time and see as much as possible! In the weekend we went to Fairy Park, at Anakie, near Geelong.

Here is the 2nd lot of photos that I want to share with you.

Fairy Park Fairytale Themepark


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During the week, on the news, there was an item about a theft at Fairy Park, we’d never heard of it, so when they showed the footage of Fairy Park, we immediately wanted to go! Yesterday was very cold, so we held off going until today, it was alot warmer!

Im going to post lots of photos, so I will do so over 3 different posts.  I hope you enjoy! To view larger photos, just click on the photo.

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Domestic bliss?

When we moved into our rental we loved the house, but it did need alot of work! All through the house there was broken glass, smoke ash, the carpet was filthy, there were gross marks on the walls and floors and the tiles were black with years of grime! Yuck! The weeds were high and we knew we had alot of work ahead of us when we moved in!

Now that the house is clean and the weeds have been mowed back, it is awesome being here! 🙂

Here are some pics of the weeds, front and back before we mowed.

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15 years married

Yesterday Gavin and I celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary. It was also Gavin’s birthday. Normally he would take the day off, but he hasnt been able to for the last 2 years. He wrote me such a lovely note yesterday, that he put by my cup of tea in the morning. He always makes me a cup of tea every morning, without fail!

He wrote “Next year will be different, I promise. Next year this day will be a special day – what you deserve.”

Which was just lovely I thought, but I got to thinking, everyday that I am married to him is a special day! He doesnt need to promise me anything! Its amazing to think how fast that 15 years has gone. We certainly have had some good times, but also hard times! I am grateful that as we have grown together he is a better person and I am also! So thanks Gavin! Here is to another 15 years!

A year of blogging

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I have just realised today, that I have been blogging for 1 year!

Do you have a favourite post? A favourite card or photo? I would love it if you could leave a comment and let me know.

Here is to another year! 🙂

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Revisit to the Rose Gardens

It was so hot on Saturday when we went to visit the Victoria State Rose Gardens, so on Sunday, when we went back,  it was a little bit cooler and more enjoyable, both Gavin and I wanted to go back to the Rose Gardens, which is about 10 minutes drive from us. Both the kids didnt want to go, but they both enjoyed themselves!

We also checked out the old buildings of the original family who built/owned the Werribee Mansion, the Chirnsides, the original homestead and most of the farm  buildings dated back to the 1860’s, so it was an amazing and informative afternoon.

I have no photos of the old homestead, stables or mens hut, an excuse to go back 🙂 not that I need an excuse! It was very worthwhile going! I do have a few more photos of the Roses though! I hope you enjoy!

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