A Stampin Night Out

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When we first got to our rental in Wyndham Vale I wanted to find the closest Scrapbooking shop. While using Google, I found Kylie Bertucci, a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator close by 🙂 how very excited was I?!? Especially when I found out that she run card making workshops. These are the gorgeous cards that we have made over the past 2 sessions.

I am still really struggling not having my crafty stuff with me! I spoke to my good friend Nat yesterday, who has my stuff, she understands!  

But now that Ive been to a couple of classes Ive met some scrapping friends and we are meeting next week to scrap, which I will absolutely love! I dont have much stuff, but I will use what I was sent by my lovely friend Emily from Brisbane, and the few supplies that I have bought since being here.

Hope you enjoy seeing some of my creations in the coming months.

Thanks for visiting! Hope you are having a good Easter so far!

Take care! 🙂


One thought on “A Stampin Night Out

  1. Hey these look familiar!!! It is so great having you at class lisa. I couldn’t imagine being without my craft things. The pain would be too much. Glad you can get a fix between Nat and my class. 🙂

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