A trip to Phillip Island

On ANZAC day – 25th April we travelled to Phillip Island. It was a wierd morning weather wise! There was fog everywhere! We left home at 9am, but by the time we got to Phillip Island it was a beautiful day, blue skies and sunny! 🙂 We didnt really know where to go, so we pretty much drove around the Island until we come across Cowes Main Beach, where we played beach cricket, had some lunch and went for a walk. It was a lovely day and it was so relaxing! Here are some photos. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A trip to Phillip Island

  1. Wow! You guys sure get around! Soon you will have seen more of Victoria than we have!! You should go back to Phillip Island and stay the night so you can see the penguins! Great pics TFS!

  2. Seems like you’re having a super time! I’ve been to P Is. to see the penguins years ago. Glad you’re doing a little bit of crafting. It becomes part of your soul after a while me thinks.

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