Happy Mother’s Day Mum!

My Mums just phoned me, she leaves tonight for a month in Thailand. I sent her Mother’s Day card a week or so ago so she had it before she left for her annual holiday.

So now that she has it, I can share it with you! It was very simple, as I have very limited supplies! I would normally use my 2 way glue pen and some Stampin glitter, but as I dont have it in Melbourne, I went and bought some Kindy Glitz from Spotlight, which Ive used far too much of. But hey! Its all about the bling aye! ?! 🙂

Here it is, using my lovely set Bliss which the kind and generous Emily Elcome sent me a month or so ago and Concord Crush, which I borrowed from Skye-Lee, at her place a few weeks back! And her pretty rhinestones! 🙂

On facebook at the moment, there is a huge surge of photos of Mums as a profile pic, I cant quite do that! Brain not functioning! LOL! But here is the next best thing. A pic of my Mum and I, on 4 July 2010, the last time I had a pic with her. It was my 36th birthday and she made it a truly wonderful day for me! She threw me a party! With popcorn and cakes etc! Thanks Mum for all you’ve done in my life! I love you! 🙂

Doreen’s card 2011


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