Goodbye Hair! :)

For months now, Ive been telling Gavin regularly that Im going to get my hair cut.  He always says the same thing, “You’ve been growing it for 2 years, its all the same length, dont get it cut! I like it long, you’ll look like a boy with it short!” 

A month or so ago I got him to cut 4 inches off, but I still felt it needed something more! (First photo)

I had a consultation with the Hairdresser last week and asked her what I could do, so I said ok, lets do it! Then the following day I got a friend to colour it, normally I would colour it myself, but she was eager. (Second photo)

Im still in touch with my Hairdresser from 20 years ago, and had to tell her, I had the same cut from her when I was 16! Im still getting used to it, after nearly a week! But it is so easy to look after now! And Ive got more curl! 🙂


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