Catching up with NZ family

We’ve been looking forward to Gavin’s brother visiting for a couple of months, from New Zealand.  Al’s wife Sharron facebooked me 3 months ago, telling me that they would be in Melbourne for 2 nights, we caught up with them on Saturday.

It was bitterly cold! I was wearing 4 layers and still was cold! Cait had thermals on. Cait was so cute as we walked to meet them. I couldnt resist taking a few snaps on my cell phone, in between texts and phone calls to let Al and Sharron know where we were and to find out where they were – it was all a tad amusing! It took us 45 minutes to finally get to them, but we were walking. We had a good time catching up with them, having lunch, walking the Victoria Markets, having coffee etc. I have no shots of Al and Sharron, but here are the photos of my precious girl! Ive got to say Im loving Autumn, with the change of colours of the leaves.  I cant wait to scrap these!

Thanks for visiting! 🙂


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