Melbourne Zoo

In the weekend we went to Melbourne Zoo. It was very difficult to get the kids out of the house, as we had bought “Tangled” the day before and they wanted to watch it. We managed to bribe them to get ready, with promises of watching the DVD when we got home.

Last time we went we saw the Gorillas, Monkeys, Tigers, Elephants and Butterflies. This time we saw Giraffe, Zebras, Bongos, Giant Tortoise, Reptiles, Frogs, Peccaries and Lions. Cait hand fed the Brolga Calf and Hamish must have scratched the Black Crested Red Tailed Cockatoo for at least 20 minutes. We all love animals! Hamish wants to become an Animal Handler.

After running around the zoo for 2 hours the kids were absolutely stuffed. I ended up carrying Cait from the Lions back to the truck. That was a work out and a half! LOL! Here are the photos! Enjoy!


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