Safe travelling Ayse!

My neighbour and friend Ayse and her 2 kids Eren and Ela are off to Turkey tomorrow first thing in the morning. They will be gone for 10 weeks, which is very sad (for me and my kids). It will be fantastic for her, as she has not seen her parents for a number of years.

I first met Ayse within a few days of getting our rental property. She came along and introduced herself and we have been sharing cups of tea ever since, that was 3 months ago. The 4 kids enjoy playing with each other also.  

This is the card I made for her, to say farewell and thanks for her friendship and to enjoy her time with her family and friends. I will miss her for sure!  So will my kids!

This card was inspired by Teneale (blog roll). I wasnt too happy with the card until I added some Kindy Glitz for that bit of bling! 🙂


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