An old challenge

Ive been a follower of Makeesha Byl’s for approxiamately 3 1/2 years. I used to regularly play along with Keesh’s challenges, before we started travelling. 

This challenge is an old one, but I liked the look of it. You can check out Keesh’s challenges at My card is more basic than the actual sketch but I like it!

I am actually going to be sending this card to Keesh and her hubby, as they are due any day with baby No. 5! What a brave woman she is! 🙂 Just kidding! I pray that she has a speedy and safe delivery! All the very best Keesh!   

I have a few friends due over the next few months, I like this sketch so much, I will have to create some more!

Thanks for visiting! Take care! Lisa 🙂 

1 June – Ive just heard that Keesh has had her baby! Joshiah Bryn Byl was born on 31 May at 11pm, 8pds 15 oz! All going very well! Congratulations Keesh and Rod and family! Fantastic news! I can send their card now! 🙂


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