Autumn in Melbourne

Hi there

Recently we caught up with Gavin’s brother Al and his wife Sharron, who live in our home town, Nelson, New Zealand. They only had the afternoon free to catch up with us, as they were in Melbourne with a group. We met up with them at the Queen Victoria Markets in the City. We had lunch and walked through some of the Markets, which were just fantastic! We will have to go back before we head North again! Have I told you that we are leaving Melbourne in 11 weeks? We are heading homeward bound to Brisbane!

 In the week we celebrated 6 wonderful years in Australia! It’s our home now! 🙂

I shared with you some gorgeous photos of Cait who enjoyed picking up the Autumn leaves. I have now completed the page! The page is inspired by a card that I recently completed at Kylie Bertucci’s. My page is pretty simple, but I like it! The photos of Cait arent the best, as they were taken on my cell phone.  I hope you like it!

Thanks for visiting! Take care!


2 thoughts on “Autumn in Melbourne

  1. GORGEOUS Lisa!! That is the nicest usage of French Foliage I have seen yet! (I do hope that IS the set you used Lol!) – the photos are super cute too Cait!

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