Hi. Thanks for stopping by.

As the kids come to the end of Term 2 in Victoria, as a family we are coming to the end of our time here also.

We were looking at leaving at the end of August when our rental lease ended, but Gavin wants to leave now, he has not enjoyed being in Melbourne. He has been offered a position with his old employer, in Brisbane, so we are hitting the road!

Its a sad time for me in many ways, as I will have to say goodbye to some really good friends that I have made here. Ive enjoyed my time! We’ve seen some beautiful places! And experienced quite alot in such a short time! 

These cards are for the kids teachers to say thankyou. Both of the cards are using the same concept, colours and stamps. One is a little more plain than the other, as I did want them a little different from each other.  I hope you like them. 

To my Melbourne mates, if ever you are planning a trip to Brisbane, please let me know, so we can catch up and do some craft! I hope to see you sometime! To my Brisbane mates, I’ll see you soon!

Thanks for stopping by! Take care! Love Lisa.


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