A trip to Kaisercraft

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Gavin had a day off in the week, which was a bit of a treat for me, he’s been asking me for a week or so what I would like for my birthday, (for those Americans who visit my blog, its on your Independence Day!) I said Id love to go to Kaisercraft in Geelong, Ive heard so much about it!  So thats where we went on his day off, no kids! Just me and him. What a treat! 

Wyndham Vale (where we live) to Geelong doesnt take long at all, so we were there in no time. The shop was HUGE! I walked each row, one by one to make sure I didnt miss out on any products.  Gavin carried the shopping basket and mentioned they should have trollies! LOL! 🙂  I saw him put a number of things in! 🙂 We were there an hour and he didnt complain once! He paid the bill happily and didnt say anything negative! LOL!

Here is a pic of me with my bags and the stuff I bought! I look forward to using it once back in Brisbane! 🙂


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