Introducing Jake and Billy

Hi there. Thanks for visiting!

In my opinion, a house isnt a home until you have a pet or two.

So I wanted to share some photos of our two new boys. They came together, as a package! Ive been looking online for Kittens and was put onto these fellows at a Vet Clinic. They were abandoned due to the Queensland flooding earlier in the year. So they are older than what we were hoping for, but they are still very much kittens!

Jake is mine and Billy is Cait’s. I only know who is who, as Jake has a solid black line down his back. They are stack loads of fun! My only problem at the moment, is the amount they poo! And as I am the one that has to clean them, Im a little over it. As we are only renting our house, we have to apply to put a cat door in, I will be doing that tomorrow! 🙂

So without further rambling here they are, our gorgeous boys!


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