My hubby!

This is a big shout out for my hubby Gavin! We have been married for 15 and a bit years and he continues to amaze me!

He is a great Dad, he has fun with the kids, he had a mid Winter swim with Hamish recently! He cooks, he cleans, he hangs washing out, he takes us places! He poses for photos with me/for me, even though he hates his photo being taken!

He recently painted a majority of our rental house, to make it feel a bit more homely! On the weekend he was on call for his job, but despite being tired and sleep deprived, from being called out for 5 hours in the middle of the night, he took some iron off our carport to put some clearlite on, to make our dark dining room more lighter!

He is in the process of securing a chook area on our large section. He has plans for a vegie garden and a flower garden!

Just recently I joined Curves, to loose weight and tone up for Summer. Gavin is impressed with my attitude. In the weekend, he offered me a beer and I said no, he was amazed, I can drink beer like water (normally), so he can see how committed I am to this and told me so.

So this post is in honour of my hubby, Gavin! Thankyou for who you are, you are an inspiration to me and our family! I love you!

Its so easy to take for granted the loved ones in our lives, I hope this post inspires you to let your loved ones know, how much you love them and appreciate them!

Thanks for visiting! 🙂


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