Stampin Queen’s SC#6

Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

If you have not caught up on my SU news, Im a demo (again!) I was a demo from Feb 07 to Feb 11, took 7 months break, while travelling around Australia and now I am a demo again! 🙂 Im so happy about that!

ANYWAYS getting to the reason for this post…. I am a real fan of Tiffany Bauer at My Crafty World! I followed her to a new design team – Stampin Queen’s 🙂  This is their sketch for this week, and my card that I have just completed! In some brand new colours for me! 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by! Please leave me some comment love if you  like what you see! 🙂


I have since had time to make up another card, keeping the same colours, but just changing it a little.  I quite like this colour combo! 🙂


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