Day 2 :)

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by.

Day 2 has not been as productive as I would have liked, but Ive tidied my ribbon box chaos into some sort of order and a friend has came round for a cuppa.

The family came back a few hours earlier than Id expected, Id only just ate lunch and sat down to begin stamping, when they came home, so after tales of marshmallows on the fire and the orange moon and climbing trees and rides on the tube behind the boat etc, I began stamping.

I love Field Flowers, it was on my wish list as soon as I saw the new catalouge in September! Ive only just managaed to buy it from my launch. I wanted to keep the card pretty basic, but looking at them now, I think, perhaps they are a little too basic!

While looking thru some of my cardstock, I came across a new packet of Naturals Ivory, so I had to open that! I scrunched my First Edition DSP and sponged the edges.

I hope you like, I look forward to playing with this set alot more in the future! But for now, I better go get into my togs/swimmers and jump in the pool with the kids, as its a beautiful day here in Brisbane!

Take care!


2 thoughts on “Day 2 :)

  1. Don’t look too “basic” to me- I think they look really creative and pretty. And I love the colours. Sorry your stamp time got cut short . You probably envy me with my never ending stamp time…but I envy your pool and warm weather!!

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