Tis the season!

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In the week both kids, Hamish and Caitlin had their end of year celebration and classroom Christmas parties.

I had made a few cards for Cait’s Teacher and Special Education Unit Staff, so I will share them with you today.

U R purrrfect – is certainly not perfect and I was quite close to throwing this one in the bin, due to the wonky ribbon, but in the end I decided just to give it to her Teacher, as she wouldnt have noticed and if she had, she wouldnt have cared! 🙂

Just for you – insprired by Kirsty Brown. Is the card from Cait and I to Katrina, her Teacher.

Kind words is the card I gave Cait’s Special Education Unit Staff/Team. I have so appreciated everything that they have done for Cait in the last 5 months of being back in Brisbane! Thankyou just doesnt seem to express my grattitude for all they’ve done!

You can click on the images to make the cards bigger!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


One thought on “Tis the season!

  1. No teacher would complain when being told they are perfect…even if it IS with wonky ribbon! Your other cards are gorgeous too- how great to have such helpful and kind teachers for your kids!

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