For Kitty

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At the start of this year I started 8 or so new cleaning jobs, one of those clients was Kitty, a 96 year old lady! Always up for a chat, a cuppa and a full on morning tea! She lives at home, by herself, cooks all her own meals and has me in once a week to clean for her. She is such a dear treasure! 🙂

Last Wednesday, the 16th, she had a fall, she tripped on her dressing gown and landed on the corner of a door frame! It made a big mess of her head, the poor love had a big cut that was 20 cm long! She was very fortunate that she didnt pass out, as she would have bleed to death. She is a devout Catholic! So I believe, that God hasnt finished with her yet 🙂

The first card I gave her, I had to dive into my stash and choose one for her, its below, she liked it, but I always like to make cards for the person, not just grab one from my stash!

The last visit she looked very tired and fatigued and had had several fainting spells due to concussion. The Doctors are unsure when she will be able to go home. I gave her some flowers on the last visit, they were bright yellow Chrysanthamums. I wanted to make a card for her to match the flowers, my friend and Up-line Emily arrived home yesterday, from a Pacific Island cruise, thankfully! Im always running round to her house to borrow stuff! For this card I borrowed the Fancy Flower Punch from her and also the Daffodil Delight  cardstock, she saves me everytime! 🙂 Thanks Emily!

Im hoping for a speedy recovery for my lovely client Kitty!

Thanks for stopping by! Take care! Lisa 🙂

EDIT! 29 May – Kitty has been trying to get hold of me to let me know that she is out of hospital, been trying for the last 3 days 😦 She finally got hold of me today 🙂 She is happy to be home! Thanks for your thoughts! 🙂



4 thoughts on “For Kitty

  1. Kitty sounds just as lovely as your cards. Love the bottom one, still snuck in a little butterfly I see. O

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