Belated birthday goodness

Hi there and thanks for stopping by!

A few weeks ago it was my birthday, 38 years young! 🙂

I spent the day with my very good friend Emily! We had a yummy scrummy lunch! And I was very spoilt by her gift – A Reason To Smile stamp set! It actually bought tears to my eyes. She went on to say that I had another present, but it hadnt arrived yet. I told her that she didnt need to buy me anything else, that my stamp set and beautiful card was more than enough. Unfortunately I cant find my card at the moment, it is amongst my moving house chaos!

Yesterday she came round with part 2 of my present! I was totally blown away! Her father in law had made her a ribbon holder a few months back and I thought hers was wonderful, so she asked her FIL to make me one!

I am incredibly blessed to call Emily my friend! At present her house is for sale, as her and her lovely family hope to move to England soon. It will be very sad for me, as I will miss her dearly.

So although I have not created anything, I thought I would stop in and share my gorgeous and thoughtful gift, that my beautiful friend gave me!

Thanks for stopping by!


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