Hi there and thanks for stopping by!

On the 30 June, we moved, Ive finally decided (even though we are moving at the end of our lease 30 Jan) to get crafting! Today Cait and I chose to swap rooms, as she has been sleeping in my craft room. And making a mess in 2 rooms, so I decided to get rid of my spare/hubby snoring bed and make my “craft room” a craft room! 🙂

So anyway, here are some pics! Notice some boxes actually open! I hope to be creating over the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Oh how exciting, but more exciting when you start than when you’re in the thick of it hey? Awesome Lisa, you’ll be itching to get going once it’s all set up.

    You’ve got heaps of stuff, I’m so jealous!

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