A photo shoot.

Hi there and thanks for stopping by!

A friend recently asked me to model for her, for her new portfolio, which of course I jumped at the chance!

Here are just some of the shots from the day!

524825_463524373718188_2112620565_nA1bAC501d2qv50q4jk0nWlDDdvBwYJuxey8RdOX8b8g551232_463524790384813_909520982_n 7CbFKrUN-MeyAB-Q-F-p5s7pzjx1yZ7SR2EHWsHtV4o,XRgwyA-FQNT0JJQvlUc2YcfbxzsKdKsvn33EdNF5O_k58812_463525630384729_385959115_nokMSjDkc7bLtNPDaj5BbfRb3BzQsGo-ImQfi5zacS88,hTwHhPyZkxx8jFjVa6Fy-S10aZDsmcJMWPwqcq1_HC8

I am due to have another shoot with my friend, as we lost the light and she didn’t get the shots she wanted.

Next time I hope to be back with some cards! 🙂

Thanks again for stopping by.

Lisa 🙂


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