Creative Elements – Kitty is turning 97


Hi there and thanks for stopping by.

I had 2 minutes this morning to make a card, before leaving the house, to drop the kids off at school and go to work. Why the urgency? My work today was my weekly 2 hour clean for Kitty, my 96 year old client! She turns 97 years young on Sunday.

Kitty has been complaining about her 37 year old laundry basket for the past year or so, I told her I could buy her one from KMart for about $10, but she always questioned the kind of quality that she would be getting.

Well I went and bought one for her last night and paid $9, she was so happy today when I gave it to her, she was just about in tears!

She loved her card also, I explained I didn’t have long to make it, I was practically running out the door and threw it altogether! I would have liked a bit more time on it, but it is what it is!

I have a friends birthday to create for next Friday, so I will be back soon. Thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “Creative Elements – Kitty is turning 97

  1. Pretty good for a “running out the door” effort! Amazing your client is turning 97. My mum is turning 91 soon and I thought she was doing pretty well!

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