For the gorgeous Marci

Hi there and thanks for stopping by

Marci is my photographer friend, whom my kids modeled for last year and whom I modeled for this year.

Recently it was my friend Janet’s 40th birthday, we had a girls night out, I wanted to wear something special for the occasion, as I hardly ever go out. I think the last time I went out for such a big occasion was my own 30th (9 years ago), very sad I know. Anyway, I had a brain wave, MARCI! 🙂 I text her and she was ever so happy to loan me about 10 dresses and said wear whatever you like! It was so much fun, I got the whole family involved in picking the dress!

So anyway – getting back to the card – this is a thankyou card for Marci, in allowing me to borrow her clothes. She is just so lovely, generous and gorgeous! 🙂

I hope she likes it, I go to visit her tomorrow 🙂

Her favourite colours are White, Natural linen shades, Sea Blue and Yellow.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I truly appreciate it.

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