Visiting Christmas Past

Hi there and thanks for stopping by!

I had to dive into my bag of cards the other day looking for a Christmas card for Flick, as she was about to leave for the UK for 5 weeks. I was disappointed in myself, having to give her an old one, but thought it was better to give an old one, than nothing at all.

Ive been Stampin’ Up! since mid 2006, that’s a few years worth of Christmas cards! I got to thinking this morning, Im going to share my old Christmas cards with you, I don’t have them all to share, but here are some of them. I hope you enjoy!

Till next time, take care!






Hi there and thanks for stopping by.

Last night I sat down and started playing, this is what I come up with.

I have some time to myself tonight, as my hubby is away, so I hope to keep playing and I’ll be back in a day or two to share what Ive made.