Let the cute begin

Hi there and thanks for stopping by!

Betty a teller at my bank is having her last day of work today, she is 34 weeks pregnant.

Im always going in, either in my gym gear or my work clothes, which could be mistaken for gym gear. Betty also goes to the gym that I go to. Not that Ive ever seen her there, but she asked me one day, which gym I went to.

One day, she told me that I wouldnt see her for a while at the gym, as she was 12 weeks pregnant. That time has gone so fast!

I bought her a Chrysanthamum plant last week and I started to make her a card last night, while watching Revenge. Upon waking this morning I hated the colouring, so got up and made a new card! Different stamp set even!

When I arrived at the bank this morning, there were pink balloons everywhere – darn it! When Id asked her the last time, she hadn’t known the sex. She was completely blown away by my little gift and card! Which made my heart smile!

My card, had Id known the sex, would be different, but here it is.

Thanks for stopping by! Take care! Happy stamping

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