Sending you love

Hi there and thanks for stopping by

This card is for Jacquie, one of my besties from when I was 19, we got to know each other at a Church Youth Group.

We keep in touch on facebook, but on our recent trip back to New Zealand for a special occasion, I made time to meet up with Jacquie and Mel.

Jacquie shared with us, that her Mum was very unwell, I never really thought anymore of her Mum, but have thought often of Jacquie since coming home to Australia.

On the 1 April, Jacquie shared on facebook that her Mum had died. I of course messaged her immediately to send my condolences, but have only just now thought, I can do more than that.

Ive continued to think and pray for Jacquie, her Dad, brother, and children!

So this is the card I sent her today! Better late than never, but I wanted to let her know that I do care!

The card, is similar to the one I shared last week, but its slightly different x 🙂 ❤

Thanks for stopping by, I do appreciate it! I hope I can inspire you to create a card for a loved one!

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