Blended Bloom

Hi there and thanks for stopping by!

This post is 2 months old! But WordPress has a new format, and Ive found it a bit screwy! When I thought this post had published it hadn’t!

So here is a 2 month old card, that I made for my client Kitty, who turned 98 in June.

I coloured the Blended Bloom flower image at Flick’s house, with the Calypso Coral Blendabilities, I created the card for Kitty, who I like to buy flowers for, so I thought she would appreciate this.

I loved the Blendabilities so much, that when a friend recently had a workshop, I ordered 3 lots of colours 🙂 I cant wait for them to arrive!

The card – here it is! And a photo of Kitty – that I have already shared with you before, but have not taken any more recent ones.

Kitty doesn’t normally keep cards, she throws them away, as soon as she receives them, but Im happy to say, she has not thrown this one out! 🙂

Ive not worked for her for about 5 weeks, as she was very ill in hospital and has only just returned home, so I will see her this week. It will be  nice to see her again! 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by! I’ll be back in a  few days, with a card for the bestie! 🙂


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