Party Party Party

In the weekend there were several going away parties, which was fun, but very tiring and sad!!!!

I knew the weekend was going to be a busy one, so I had a few Berroca each day.

On Saturday we held a yard sale, that lasted from 4.30am to 2pm.

My good friend – Nat picked me up at 5 to go to another good friend Angie’s for a meal. WOW is all I can say about Angie’s delicious meal! And she was the most perfect hostess!

On Sunday I begged Gavin for a new camera! He was reluctant, but he relented!

We were late heading to Nat’s house for a goodbye lunch, but we enjoyed a lovely meal with her and her family.  While there I charged my new camera. I dont spend nearly as much time as Id like too with Nat, so I relish anytime spent with her! It was really a lovely time, but we had to get moving!

We went and got some party food for the street party which was a combined party for Caitlin who is turning 7, Hamish and Cait’s going away party and our street Christmas party. Man did we have some fun, lots of laughing, talking and drinking and eating! 🙂

Here are a few pics from the day – I hope you enjoy! I LOVE having my new camera!

Cait with Missy, Nat’s new kitten.

Cait with her bestie Lani

I had a glass of wine, but my gorgeous neighbour Daphne wanted to shout me, so she bought me out a glass and I had 2! LOL!

Daphne always bakes Cait a birthday cake, this years was one of her best! A Barbie cake – it was awesome! Cait kept thanking her! 🙂 I think she was overwhelmed – it was just so beautiful!

Emma is behind Cait and then Gavin, my hubby.

Tomorrow we are hiring 2 guys and a truck to move our large items to the container which is situated at a friends place out in the country. The last 6 months have been crazy! But I can see that there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

Catch you soon. Take care!

Love Lisa


Livin’ the dream

Hi there

I am busy packing up my home of 5 years, wow – what a task! My dear hubby came home from work last night and commented on how much Id managed to get done, he was impressed! Just as I was going to sink into my comfy chair he said “Right, what are we going to pack now?” I thought he was joking – but alas NO! He kindly reminded me that we only have 9 days before the moving guys come in.

So as I look around me this morning and I think flippin heck – look at all the work I have to do, I have to remind myself why we are doing it! To live the great Aussie dream!

Thanks for stopping by! Take care!

Lisa 🙂


Hi there

Thanks for stopping by! I truly appreciate it!

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I still have not replaced my camera. The last few posts I borrowed my lovely neighbours camera. The time before that my friend Kerry’s.

Also my computer of 3 years died last Sunday! 😦 I was very unhappy as it had 18 months of unsaved photos on there! 😦 My dear hubby was going to save them to a new hard drive that he bought for me and the computer had a melt down! So I cant share any old creations with you!

My friend Nat picked up all my crafting supplies yesterday afternoon, so I wont be creating at all for a while now!

In 3 weeks we move from our family home which has been sold into a camper trailer for a year or more!

I have a good friend Sally (Sally Create) that is going through a really tough time at the moment! She has started a 40 days of being thankful. I think that is just awesome, that even in the hard times we still have alot to be thankful for and we have to remind ourselves to count our blessings!

On a personal note – on Monday I had a bit of a meltdown! There is lots of stress on my hubby at the moment, he is very busy at work and comes home and is very stressed! I know he doesnt mean to, but he takes it out on me! 😦 So anyway on Monday I was just exhausted – physically, mentally and emotionally. I spent some time reading my bible and some time in prayer. Can I tell you it is just what I needed! I think God bought me to the point of near breakdown so I would call out to Him. I felt like that I was at my ropes end, I had done all that I could do in my own strength and I was finished!!!! If you can relate to what I am saying I would strongly encourage you to call upon the Lord! It doesnt matter how far away you feel from Him, he is right there with you, He is for you and not against you!

Today as I took sometime out  to myself, I sat in the sun for a couple of  minutes amongst the madness of house cleaning and packing etc  and thanked the Lord for what He has done, I am whole heartedly grateful for what He has done in my life!

Again thanks for popping in!  I hope I have not scared you off,  my blog for me is all about expressing myself and the journey that I am on whether that is being creative or as a person growing. 

I hope to buy a camera real soon and share with you some pics! 

Take care, God bless!

Love Lisa 🙂

Kerry’s friendship album

As explained in a previous post I have made my bf a friendship album. We leave soon for a years trip around Australia and she is very upset that she is losing me, but of course we will stay in touch!

All my craft stuff is packed now, in boxes ready to go to my good friend Natalie’s place to use all my goodies while I am away. So there will be no more “new” crafting shared for a while. 

So here are some of the pages of my good friend Kerry’s album. I hope she likes it! 

Family and Friends albums

As I was packing my craft room during the week, I thought to myself, I am going to make my bf a little album, as she is devastated that we are leaving. So I trundled off to Kmart to develop some photos, over the 24hrs, while waiting for them to be developed, I thought Im going to do my Mum one too, (as she recently celebrated her birthday and I didnt have time to make her something nice, so I went and made a book of photos for her at Kmart and I felt really stink sending it to her, as I was really disappointed with the quality!) So off again I go to Kmart and thought I will just get instant photos so I dont have to wait, so I got my Mums photos done immediately and still had to wait 6 hours for my friend Kerry’s photos.

Ive been hard at work for the last day getting my Mum’s album done – as dear darling hubby wants my craft stuff gone! He doesnt care what I do with it, he just doesnt want to see it anymore! 😦

So here are some photos from my Mum’s album. I will come back and show you in another post my friend Kerry’s.

Stamping 411 SSC #175

Hi there

I have not been able to play along with Stamping 411 for a few weeks, so I am happy to say Ive had a chance today! 🙂 

I am concentrating on scrapbooking at the moment as I have alot of photos to scrap.

So here is Stamping 411’s layout and mine. I hope you like it! (Sorry about the quality of the photo! If you click on it, you may be able to see a little better).

Thanks for visiting.

Lisa 🙂